Check Engine Light bothering your drive?

We advise all of our customers to never ignore a check engine light when it comes on in your car or truck. A check engine light could be indicating a problem that is easily fixable – like a simple adjustment or a replacement car part. Driving long distances with the check engine light on may result in a larger automotive problem.  A few reasons for a check engine light could be a loose gas cap, a problem with the MAF sensor or circuit, the car’s system running too rich or too lean, a cylinder misfire, a knock sensor circuit malfunction, insufficient exhaust gas re-circulation flow, a below threshold catalyst system efficiency or a faulty oxygen sensor.  We caution customers to be wary of using internet auto repair suggestions to fix the check engine light on their own as we have seen customers spend more money than necessary trying to diagnose and fix the automotive issue.  It is always best to consult a mechanic/technician at Maclane’s so they can identify the car’s issue and find a solution in the most efficient and cost effective manner.