Quality Vehicle Diagnostics Can Save You Money


At Maclane’s Automotive, we take a holistic approach to all of our customers’ vehicles and their diagnostic, service and auto repair needs.  We assess each car thoroughly, find the root cause of any automotive issue, we do our research of the make/model/year of the car or truck if necessary, and always consider repairing before replacement (something that makes us different from taking your car to a dealership).

We get to know our customers so we understand how they’re using their vehicle whether it is; driving just around town, long commutes, highway vs. city driving, etc.  Our goal is to be proactive with the health of our customers’ vehicle’s in order to extend the life of the vehicle and prevent our customers from experiencing any large auto repairs or catastrophic vehicle failures.

We pride ourselves on sharing our knowledge with our customers, providing detailed car specific information to our customers, documenting our repair and service procedures for our customers’ records, and setting a timeline for customers so that they can focus on the most pressing issues and monitor future potential issues.  We strive to communicate costs to our customers up front to avoid any surprises.  We are confident in our automotive diagnostic abilities, our top of the line vehicle scan tools, our mechanic/technician experience and expertise.  Our mechanics are encouraged to pursue education, automotive training and certifications to ensure we are serving our customers effectively and efficiently.  We enjoy the challenge of investigating and diagnosing tough vehicle issues and providing our customers with answers and appropriate repairs (not a guess and a band-aid).   All in all, we care about our customers and their cars because we want to fix cars right the first time and be one of the best auto repair shops in the Greater Downingtown area.