Diagnosing air conditioning repair problems can be very complicated.

Automotive air conditioning problems could involve the compressor, the condenser, lines or the evaporator.  It’s always best to consult with a certified auto repair technician who has the proper section 609 license, like Maclane, for car air conditioner problems.

When AC problems arise for our customers, we don’t just function test the ac unit and put Freon in the vehicle.  We assess the functionality of each air conditioning component to find the root cause and, ultimately, prolong the life and health of the system. AC system refrigerant level can be considered a maintenance item if once a year it requires a “top up”.  Any more than that the issues are worth investigating.  We advise our customers against generic refrigerant (like after-market cans) and self-service.  We make sure that our customers are aware of the importance of their air conditioning system year round, as a healthy A/C system is necessary for dehumidifying and defrosting the vehicle in the winter.